Super Computer meets Super Car

PDF FORM  The only thing missing is a cape!  Beyond traditional F1 racing and the two-year-new Formula e (electric racing) series now comes supercomputer racing – establishing the first racing series with no actual drivers.  And because there are no race drivers, the cars don’t need standard driving systems and will look radically different. Formula e CEO […]

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JAGUAR – others trying to balance safety and technology

PDF FORMForty years ago muscle cars were the coolest machines anyone could own. Today computer power is the new horsepower and the ‘muscle for Millennials’ or the ‘zip for generationZ’ are smartphones and tablets.  Dreadfully, the automakers are keenly aware of this as sales figures show automobiles have waining interest in these demographic groups.  So for […]

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Venturi 2015


Working with Formula E Racing Team Venturi in the first inaugural season is Bob Koveleski, Head of Commercial Relations in the USA.

Venturi Automobiles is a leader in high performance electric vehicles developing a range of sports, urban and utility cars, as well as being the current holder of 2 FIA World Speed records for fuel-cell-powered and battery-powered electric vehicles.

Formula E is a new FIA championship featuring race cars powered exclusively by electric energy.

In 2015 the series raced in the heart of 9 of the world’s leading cities – all street circuits.

A grid of 20 cars.

Winter to Summer motor racing championship – began with Beijing, China, on 13th September 2014.

An open FIA championship encouraging OEM car manufacturers to introduce their own technologies from Season 2.

10 teams, each with two drivers, have gone head-to-head creating a unique and exciting racing series designed to appeal to a new generation of motorsports fans.

Spectacular evening entertainment have included top live acts and DJs performing at the race event locations.

A revolution in the promotion of motorsports, FIA E is the first to truly encapsulate digital technology, social media platforms and true fan engagement.


Author: Bob Koveleski, San Diego. Automorrow



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What’s New

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