Mahindra DrivenByDesign Contest

Mahindra has invited once again its fans, which they call ‘Passioneers’, to design the livery of the team’s 2017 /2018 Formula E race car, the M4Electro.

With over 430 entries this season, Mahindra previously had 281 livery designs contest in August, 2016 from 41 countries with Spain’s Adria Haro Jorba being declared as the winner.

Also, Mahindra Racing’s 2016 / 2017  livery was voted by FIA E fans as the winner of the #FELiveryWorldCup in an online poll conducted by Formula E on Twitter at #DrivenByDesign.

More info and the image gallery can be found here.


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History is Made by Design

If history is made by those who write it, then surely the ones who create eventful things to write about are the ‘Architects’.

Since the very invent of transportation, funding from large companies, the support of influential individuals, and even the creative vision of inspired children have been the direct influence behind the automobile.

Vision, Sponsorship, and Machinery made these dreams  happen .. and yes .. all of this was once just a ‘dream’.

The promise of new industry has also funded these expeditions. The jockeying of corporate providence over the future has been as much of a strategic game as the motorsport of vehicles itself.

Overlooking the whole arena is the public .. and what they are looking at is their future.

It would be too arrogant to believe these designs are the correct ones, or even understood … but it’s our mission to do everything we can to test and tune … and evolve the motorsport .. which in its own very nature .. will provide the templates to the next steps in the automobile.

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Lucas di Grassi: ” … it is important for Formula E not to follow the design of F1

Lucas di Grassi sets the stage for a solid plan for the future of a safe FIA E motorsport … supporting a fundamental and nobel pursuit in favor of  “… closing the monocoque, protecting the driver ..”.     Bravo Lucas!

Also, di Grassi mentions the design of  ” … concepts inconceivable with an internal combustion engine.”.

This always been one of the most innovative aspects of new vehicle designs for electrics.

More about this topic on: MOTORSPORT.COM

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” … to FIA E or not to FIA 1 is the Question?

Recent upgrading the FIA E manufacturers setlist is the new upcoming Porsche, Mercedes, Audi … and BMW has brought the actual future of FIA 1 in question.

With only 10 teams in opposition, ‘excitement of who’s who and when is a racing game of musical chairs … and the reluctance of other who lay claim to the future of transportation have no interest in participating in a Motorsport Series .. or “E” Event .. is still a minor fraction of the real world issues. “… ultimately FE should be viewed as a good alternative to F1 rather than a rival … if electric racing proved a big hit with fans, then grand prix racing could switch across from hybrids.” says Gunther Steiner from FIA Team Haas.

Do you agree?

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Developing the time machine for future travel There’s a moment when the future becomes real. When a cold hand just kind of slaps you square in the face with an inevitable reality. With saints and profits abound, the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show now “AutoMobility LA” opened. Taking on this new role, re-focusing the show […]


We Come In Peace ….

ROBORACE will be a motorsport championship with autonomously driving, electric powered vehicles. Soon, exhibitions will be held on the same downtown city tracks as Formula-e. Roborace will be a support series to Formula-e, eventually leading to the first global championship for driverless artificial intelligent racing cars. Once the series is launched, as many as twenty autonomous cars, will compete in one-hour races […]

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The Jetson’s Future We All Signed Up for …

TU-Automotive West Coast Telematics Convention, Oct. 13-14 What a difference a year makes. Last year’s Telematics get-togethers and focus was all about; Apps-Apps-Apps. This year it was about; Connectivity – Ridesharing – Autonomous. Transportation is a fundamental issue that touches all of our lives. While Stephen Hawking carefully wonders whether Artificial  Intelligence will save or […]

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Super Computer meets Super Car

 The only thing missing is a cape!  Beyond traditional F1 racing and the two-year-new Formula e (electric racing) series now comes supercomputer racing – establishing the first racing series with no actual drivers.  And because there are no race drivers, the cars don’t need standard driving systems and will look radically different. Formula e CEO Alejandro Agag, […]

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