History is Made by Design

If history is made by those who write it, then surely the ones who create eventful things to write about are the ‘Architects’.

Since the very invent of transportation, funding from large companies, the support of influential individuals, and even the creative vision of inspired children have been the direct influence behind the automobile.

Vision, Sponsorship, and Machinery made these dreams  happen .. and yes .. all of this was once just a ‘dream’.

The promise of new industry has also funded these expeditions. The jockeying of corporate providence over the future has been as much of a strategic game as the motorsport of vehicles itself.

Overlooking the whole arena is the public .. and what they are looking at is their future.

It would be too arrogant to believe these designs are the correct ones, or even understood … but it’s our mission to do everything we can to test and tune … and evolve the motorsport .. which in its own very nature .. will provide the templates to the next steps in the automobile.