Automorrow '89
AUTOMORROW '89 World's First Alternative Car Festival
Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah October 25-November 1

Featured by noted futurist designer Luigi Colani are 13 futuristic concept vehicles exploring the realms of speed, endurance, ecology and economy-not to mention sleek and sensual looks.

Luigi Colani's bio-designed conceptual vehicles are a combination of knowledge he has required from around the world. Colani's team of technical assistants include Wilhelm Hertz (speed record holder), members of the universities of Zurich, Aachen, Gottingen, Nami Institute of Moscow, and other top specialists.

Two years in preparation, AUTOMORROW '89 will showcase 13 of Colani's top conceptual vehicles. Included will be:

Human powered vehicles challenging the Vector record.
Electric powered vehicles seeking the long distance record.
Four passenger vehicle having the lowest drag coefficient ever.
Economy sports car attempting speeds in excess of 327 kpm.
Three wheeler, attempting to set the world record for sidecars.
Two wheeler, attacking Don Vesco's world motorcycle record.

Hailed in Europe and Japan for his bio-design, Luigi reveringly regards nature as his teacher. "With the exception of crystals, nothing in the world of nature addresses the concept of a straight line.,, Luigi exclaims. "Nature is still the best designer."

Luigi Colani has designed prototypes for automobile manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet and BMW. He has also designed prototypes for Sony, Canon, Yamaha,, and Daiwa as well. He is the founder of Colani Design Bern in Bern, Switzerland.

Omni magazine describes Colani as "German engineer/sculptor/architect who has successfully avoided conventional straight edge styling to emerge as one of Europe's visionary engineers."

Stern, the weekly magazine of Europe, called Luigi Colani the "Leonardo Da Vinci of the twentieth century."

His latest endeavor, AUTOMORROW '89 is to bring worldly attention upon the existing complications facing us in our near future in the realm of transportation, something that has to be highlighted in today's world.

"This will surely be one of the most interesting events ever endeavored by a single designer in history!" says Allen Vaughn, Colani's U.S. representative. "Our intention is to continually stage an annual event where participants from around the globe will attend and present their vehicles, and where knowledge is exchanged and existing records will be challenged."

SCHEDULE:On October 5:
Colani's conceptual vehicles will arrive from Hamburg, Germany on board the container ship Dusseldorf Express of Hapag-Lloyd, an international transport firm. The ship will arrive at the ACS Terminal, East Fleet St. in Elizabeth, NJ. Press preview is at 11:00 A.M. and a lunch conference at 12:00 Noon. Hapag-Lloyd's telephone number is 718-442-9300. (Attn: Ed Gilroy, Mkt Mgr.). Following the arrival of the vehicles, George Transfer, based out of Morrisville, NJ will provide the land transfer of the vehicles. George Transfer's telephone number is 215-736-2626. (Attn: Ken Deaner).

Some vehicles will be transported by a Colani designed futuristic truck based on a Mercedes-Benz chassis. This conceptual vehicle will also be challenging the world speed record for trucks.

On October 10:
Luigi Colani will address the Industrial Designer's Society of America (IDSA) in Rackham Auditorium, at the Engineering Society of Detroit, 100 Farnsworth Ave., Detroit, MI. Telephone number is 313-832-5400. Lecture and exhibition is sponsored by American Iron and Steel Institute. Exhibit of Colani's vehicles will be next door at the Detroit institute of Arts.

Press preview and conference for Detroit area media will be at 3:00 P.M. at the DIA. Telephone number is 313-832-8400. PR Associates are handling the press activities in the Detroit area. Telephone number is 313-963-3396. (Attn.: Victor Pytko or Amy Traynor.)

October 25,:
AUTOMORROW '89 begins at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. Colani Design USA, Allen Vaughn is coordinating activities at Bonneville. Telephone number is 813-845-5714. AUTOMORROW '89 at the Salt Flats will conclude on November 1.
November 10 & 11;

Luigi Colani will address industrial design students, faculty and staff of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. Luigi will also address the Southern California Chapter of the IDSA at the Art Center. Exhibition of the vehicles will be on the display and publicly viewable on November 11 from 3-5 P.M. Telephone number is 818-584-5052 (Attn.: Diane Reed).

After the U. S. tour, Luigi will leave California and travel to Nagoya, Japan for a lecture series and exhibition. From Japan, Colani will tour through Russia to the Nami Institute of Moscow, sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Transportation. The tour will wind down in Europe en route to Colani's design headquarters, Colani Design Bern, in Bern, Switzerland.

Press is welcome to attend all portions of the U. S. tour. For further information and press schedule contact Auto Sports Associates, Ltd. (717-346-7495)