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Luigi Colani's Corvette

After the Automorrow '89 tour, one of Luigi Colani's creations debuted a few years later with another design vision, the "Colani Corvette", which was planned to set land speed records at the Bonnieville Salt Flats after the SEMA show where it was on display in late October of 1993 in the large image above.

The Colani Corvette concept was based on the pre '89 white prototype seen in the image above, while the poster design was from 1988. The car was featured in E&M Nov 16, 1988, and CarStyling Jan. 1989. The vehicle was being redesigned for the original Automorrow tour, as seen in the poster below, but was not finished in time.

Work continued on it's progress, and it came to the US to set a new world land speed record on August 23, 1995, at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The average speed for the car was 230.928 M.P.H., and was driven by Mike Strasburg.

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