The New Cars are Here !

The M5Electro is here!

M5Electro, our Season 5 Formula E race car: Made by #passioneers, made for #passioneers. #passioneering

Posted by Mahindra Racing on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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” … to FIA E or not to FIA 1 is the Question?

Recent upgrading the FIA E manufacturers setlist is the new upcoming Porsche, Mercedes, Audi … and BMW has brought the actual future of FIA 1 in question.

With only 10 teams in opposition, ‘excitement of who’s who and when is a racing game of musical chairs … and the reluctance of other who lay claim to the future of transportation have no interest in participating in a Motorsport Series .. or “E” Event .. is still a minor fraction of the real world issues. “… ultimately FE should be viewed as a good alternative to F1 rather than a rival … if electric racing proved a big hit with fans, then grand prix racing could switch across from hybrids.” says Gunther Steiner from FIA Team Haas.

Do you agree?

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