The Jetson’s Future We All Signed Up for …

TU-Automotive West Coast Telematics Convention, Oct. 13-14 What a difference a year makes. Last year’s Telematics get-togethers and focus was all about; Apps-Apps-Apps. This year it was about; Connectivity – Ridesharing – Autonomous. Transportation is a fundamental issue that touches all of our lives. While Stephen Hawking carefully wonders whether Artificial  Intelligence will save or […]

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Super Computer meets Super Car

 The only thing missing is a cape!  Beyond traditional F1 racing and the two-year-new Formula e (electric racing) series now comes supercomputer racing – establishing the first racing series with no actual drivers.  And because there are no race drivers, the cars don’t need standard driving systems and will look radically different. Formula e CEO Alejandro Agag, […]

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JAGUAR – others trying to balance safety and technology

Forty years ago muscle cars were the coolest machines anyone could own. Today computer power is the new horsepower and the ‘muscle for Millennials’ or the ‘zip for generationZ’ are smartphones and tablets.  Dreadfully, the automakers are keenly aware of this as sales figures show automobiles have waining interest in these demographic groups.  So for years, […]

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Venturi FIA E

  Working with Formula E Racing Team Venturi in the first inaugural season is Bob Koveleski, Head of Commercial Relations in the USA. Venturi Automobiles is a leader in high performance electric vehicles developing a range of sports, urban and utility cars, as well as being the current holder of 2 FIA World Speed records […]

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What’s New

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